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New Products from the Sewing Revolution:

Create a Tilt Ruler

Looking for some inspiration?

Choose from our range of great newpatterns starting at only AUD $10.00!

Click here to view the Standard Patterns Now

Create a Tilt Ruler

Need some help with getting started on your project?

Choose from our range of great patterns starting at only AUD $10.00!

Click here to view the Create a Tilt Patterns Now

Create a Tilt Ruler

Tilt square and rectangles with little or no waste of fabric. Ruler comes with free pattern (pictured) and detailed instructions.

COST: AUD$30.00 inc GST

The Dee by Dee

Create your own original and unique quilting designs by marking the dots and connecting them, then just stitch on their line.

COST: AUD$65.00 inc GST

The Double Mitre

The Double Mitre Ruler takes the fuss out of double mitred corners for Squares Rectangles Hexagons and Octagons.

Comes complete with a detailed instruction book Cost

COST: AUD$25.00 inc GST

The Template Marker

The Template Marker is used to mark the placement cross for Machine embroidery designs. It can also be used watercolour fussy cutting.

The A 2.5 inch square comes with instrcutions

COST: AUD$10.00 inc GST

The Sewing Revolution - Making creative design easier, faster and more fun!

"Professional pattern maker watches in disbelief as 9 year old girl marks out a perfectly centred 5 pointed star in less than 2 minutes!"

"I couldn't believe my eyes. For years I've been designing patterns for basic quilting right through to complex embroidery and patchwork. To mark out a pattern and get accurate positioning is usually very time consuming - and takes a lot of practice. What would normally take me a good half hour to one hour can now be done by anyone (even a child) - in just minutes!"

. Welcome to The Sewing Revolution®!!

Over 18,000 people have discovered the secret. Now it's your turn!

Need to find the exact centre of a circle or arc? Need to mark out stars, triangles, pentagons and other multi-sided shapes? Simple! The Sewing Revolution makes this child's play!!!

Our range of design-pattern markers and innovative circular sewing tools will leave you amazed!

The Sewing Revolution

A must have range of tools for sewing, embroidery, patchwork and quilting. Also a great tool for tradesmen, designers & children.

Click here to find out more..

The Block Marker

Quickly and accurately mark out your blocks. Tthis product is an ideal partner for the Sewing Revolution®

Click here to find out more..

Whether you use one or all of our markers, you are guaranteed to save time, frustration and hours of mental exhaustion!

While developed with the sewing industry in mind, The Sewing Revolution is also used in other industries such as: clock making, woodworking, mosaic tiling and cake decorating.

The uses of the Sewing Revolution pattern markers are only limited by your imagination!!

So don't wait any longer. The Sewing Revolution is here, and the start of your creative project is waiting..

Happy creating!

Ann Duncan and Kym Graham

PS: Imagine an ideal world, where arcs and circle centres magically appear. A simple world where objects such as stars and multi-sided shapes almost draw themselves. Well, it's here. You have reached the world of The Sewing Revolution!

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